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Women & Water:

Our Mission

As women in the water sector, we want to benefit from: 


  • A strong network where we can interact with our peers, meet our role models and support women at all stages of their careers through mentoring partnerships.

  • Access to resources that can help us stay up-to-date on best practice and research.

  • The opportunity to participate in accessible and open training that can help us to grow as leaders and water experts.

  • Hear people's water stories and understand how gender influences the roles that women play in different aspects of water use and management. 

  • Make sure that there is no more excuse for gender inequality in boards, panels and media. There are plenty of inspiring female water experts who can provide meaningful insight into their specialisms within the water sector.


Other women in the water sector have openly expressed a need for such a community. Through "Women & Water" we hope to facilitate all of this - and more. 


We are doing our best to make each one of these ideas happen. We have lots to do but are working with limited resources and as such we appreciate your patience while we work towards our goals as a community. 

If you would like to contribute, please contact us.

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