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Imeshi Weerasinghe
Mar 21, 2018

One Water Story


I started off not knowing what I wanted to be when I grew up. This did not change when I needed to choose what to study after school. I decided to study Telecommunications Engineering because I liked maths and ended up working at Toyota after I finished. I was not happy but I still did not know what I wanted to change to. I was lucky enough to be asked to coordinate a project on environmental auditing of the company. Here I excelled and picked up all the wrongdoings much to the chagrin of the company management. From here I decided I wanted to transfer to the environment and sustainability sector but was still not ready to go back to studying and could not easily transfer my qualifications to a job in this new field. I decided to travel for a year all over South America where I completed an internship as an Assistant Water Engineer in Puerto Lopez, Ecuador. Here I discovered my passion for water, while helping local people get access to potable water. I saw the unbreakable links between socio-economic influences and water management. This experience, growing up on one of the drier continents in the world, Australia and my frequent visits to my birthplace, Sri Lanka and other developing countries my passion to aid in the investigation and improvement of water resource management was born.

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    Mar 21, 2018

    There are many reasons why we chose to dedicate our time to improving the management of water resources, either directly or indirectly. We want to hear yours. What made you get here. What keeps you here. We want to hear as little or as much as you are willing to share about Your Water Story. Women & Water also has it's own story. As mentioned in 'Our Story', two female water engineers got together and decided there was a need for a place for female water professionals at all levels and from all parts of the globe to connect, share and discuss experiences, research, successes and challenges. A place where learning materials and information could be easily accessed. A place where a database of female experts from all parts of the water sector can be found giving no excuse for gender inequality on boards, panels, as speakers or senior managers. A place striving together to make gender equality in the water sector a reality rather than a objective.