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Women & Water

Striving for equity, inclusivity & enhanced participation in the water sector

Women & Water is a professional network aiming to connect women from across the water sector to share training, education and support for women working across all aspects of the water sector, from #communities to #boards.


By bringing women in the water sector together, we will help individuals achieve greater fulfilment in their career and break down barriers that prevent them from reaching their full potential. In turn, the water sector will be more collaborative, innovative, productive and appealing for other women from present and future generations.

Expert database

Female water experts

Our global network of water experts includes hydraulic engineers, policy makers, satellite data analysts and modellers to executives and specialist researchers.


This database encourages industry to ensure there is no excuse for gender inequality in the water sector.

Water Stories

We're passionate about water

We all have strong experiences with water. It pervades all aspects of our lives and shapes our experiences as children and adults.

We want to learn more about the real water stories of women from various cultural, educational and socio-economic backgrounds. These stories represent a truly diverse range of experiences with water.

Tools & Resources

Empowering women in
the water sector

Search our site for links to training opportunities, events and online resources to learn more about different aspects of the water sector. Share your research with our network of experts and find other people working on similar sectors. Improve your skills in related areas like business, governance, research, finance to reach your potential and maximise your opportunities.

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